Editor: In response to the letter that the Trump tax breaks did not help the middle class much, there was not a lot to help. Here are Google facts from released by the IRS for year 2018 filed in 2019. The top percent of earners paid 40% of all income tax. The top 10% paid over 71% of all income taxes paid. The top 25% paid over 87% of all income taxes paid. And the top 50% brought that to 97% of all. The bottom 50% paid 2.9% of all individual income taxes.So, those who say the middle class saw very little benefit, you are right. There was almost no benefit to give. The best benefit to taxpayers, especially those in the lower tax rates, was the reduction in the corporate from 39.% to 21.% meant capital would come to America and or stay in America and jobs would be created as capital investment expended and the stats proved that under Trump. Among the great news? There are more minorities working than ever. That is basic good economics, and good for America, It is insanity to have America corporate taxes among the highest in the world, plane and simple.

Terry Francoise

Lake Havasu City


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Bigblob you are by far the biggest phony on this blog, you keep saying that President Trump was the worst president ever but the truth is that he was the greatest President in our lifetime. He created more good for this country then many before him. He was not a slick talking snake oil salesman. Why don't you give it up already and see the light. You and your liberal clowns will never convince us otherwise. You by far are a stupid no good left wing liberal that can't get your head out of your ass. You and your kind will go down in history as the most anti American party to ever set foot on this earth. This country will survive even with you and your evil demorat/socialist party.


So you trumpers why then did trumps tax breaks increase the national debt? Hint because it didn't pay for itself like you were sold.


Great points, Terry.


WOW! a long, long paragraph of pure, unadulterated horse-hockey. Good job. The twice-impeached, liar and crook's give-aways did nothing towards helping the economy of our nation. On the other hand President Biden's - the man elected by the American people to give us all hope for a better nation and to rid us of the worst president in the history of our nation - tax plans will greatly improve the economy by putting money in the hands of those who will spend it and not hide it off-shore.



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