Editor: There was a crooked man, who owned a crooked house. It wasn’t Trump. Now he is accused of holding up aid to the Ukraine until he knew how they would use it. What a novel idea in seeing what you are paying for. Not something the democrats do. Then there is the outright graft of Biden getting his son a job. Fifty grand a month and he qualified for the job by not knowing a thing about it. (Sounds like my old boss). When Nancy Pelosi returned from a Greenpeace meeting in Paris, where she and her total staff, lived and spent like royalty, she was ask by a reporter what the trip cost. Her answer was “none of your business.” Your tax money is none of your business and it is time you realized it. Just pay the crooked man and get on with it.

Terry Richardson

Lake Havasu City


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Wow, what an amazing mass of misinformation. HINT _ Faux News is not your friend.


1) 15 February 2019 – Congress passes federal budget that included military aide for Ukraine. Liar-in-chief signs and vows to release military aid on 28 February.

2) 28 February 2019 – Liar-in-chief does not release military aid funds and offers no explanation.

3) 1 January thru 25 July 2019 – Sixty-five (65) Ukrainian soldiers killed fending off Russian invaders.

4) 25 July 2019 – In return for releasing military air the liar-in-chief asks Ukraine for a “favor”: Publicly investigate Joe Biden for corruption.

5) August 2019 – Russian invaders kill seven (7) more Ukrainian soldiers.

6) 9 September 2019 – Inspector General notifies Congress of whistleblower report.

7) 10 September 2019 – Adam Schiff sends letter to the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) requesting the whistleblower report.

8) 11 September 2019 – Liar-in-chief releases military aid to Ukraine and says, “See” Ukraine got there aid. So I did nothing wrong.”


Terry, thank you for telling it like it is.

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