Billionaire Michael Bloomberg suddenly feels regret — just in time for his run for president. As mayor of New York for 12 years, Bloomberg oversaw an aggressive, tough on crime, stop-and-frisk policy that disproportionately targeted African Americans and Latinos. And for that he is sorry.

That wasn’t his story a few months ago. Before he decided to jump in the race to unseat President Donald Trump, Bloomberg was not a fan of admitting wrong and maligned an apology culture in politics.

He mocked presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden and former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for bowing to pressure: Biden for an “apology tour” after criticism of a crime bill some believe led to the mass incarceration of black men, and O’Rourke for apologizing for his white privilege.

Yet, there was Bloomberg a couple of weeks ago standing before a congregation at an African American megachurch in Brooklyn seeking mercy.

He had not yet announced his run for president, but the rumors were strong that he was. Despite trash-talking Biden, now his, political rival, Bloomberg needs the African American vote, which accounts for about a fifth of Democrats.

Voters are holding candidates accountable for their past actions, but they shouldn’t stop their scrutiny at these apologies of convenience. Candidates need to prove their case beyond words. If not, people should show their displeasure at the ballot.

Like with the other candidates in the race, we predict Bloomberg won’t be able to brush off such an issue that has morphed into an indictment of the fairness of the justice system.

Biden learned the consequences of his past when his healthy lead slowly diminished after a few guffaws as he at first tried to ignore his role as author of the now highly polarized crime bill. Biden also appeared to praise the civility of segregationist senators he worked with in the past.

A reply two weeks after the outcry for took too long to come for some people and was far too tepid for others.

Candidate Pete Buttigieg has tried to improve his reputation with African Americans with an 18-page platform of policy and reforms that would benefit those voters. He pledged to fund HBCUs in a recent op-ed.

Unfortunately for Buttigieg, a good majority of African Americans aren’t buying his spiel, including those in South Bend, Ind., where he is mayor.

Too many residents there say he didn’t have a handle on injustices against blacks in the police department and economic racial inequalities that persist in the city.

Time will tell if Bloomberg’s speech was enough to shield him enough from criticism not to hurt his presidential bid. Or if people will see through his apology.

— The Baltimore Sun


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One can only laugh at stupid little fools who continue the birther nonsense. Let’s consider that even the lying, draft-dodging, scum said on 16 September 2016, "President Barack Obama was born in the United States," but then again he is a liar so was he lying before he said that, or was he lying after he said it? Also a quick search for “Obama Birth Certificate Images” will provide more proof. As to college transcripts a common myth in the loony birther world is that all presidents have released their school/college records. That is a lie – of course. No president has ever released his college transcripts. And the lying, draft-dodger had his attorney – the one currently in jail – demand that dummies school records, all of them, be sealed. And then there is the matter of tax returns that presidential candidates have released for decades – until this lying crook promised to do so and still has not.


Lil rovR. The funniest thing about the Barrack Hussein Obama's birther question. Who Started the rumor? Oh say it's not so. 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign is the correct Answer. Classic how the Lefty freaks forget about that.

Look @ the Birth Certificate its Fake. LMAO


JVW - [thumbup]


"HwyRovr" - Why do Republiscums lie – all of the time – about everything? The original birther smear against Obama was that he was a non-American Muslim, floated in 2004 by perennial Illinois Republiscum candidate Andy Martin (identified as the primary source of false rumors that then-presidential candidate Barack Obama was secretly a Muslim during the 2008 U.S. Presidential election - an allegation Martin had made starting in 2004). In a later interview with CNN, Martin abandoned this view and asserts Obama's real father is not Barack Obama, Sr., but African American journalist Frank Marshall Davis. Other related versions of this theory alleged that Obama was educated in an Indonesian “madrassa” or steeped in Islamist ideology from a young age, and the theories began to spread after Obama appeared on the national stage with his early 2007 presidential campaign announcement.


fake person here.... rovr needs to get his mental state checked. making up fake messages


"HwyRovr" - and yes, we know you are a "fake person here," comrade. Now prove me wrong or shut up!


Birth certificate has never surfaced. Neither has the transcripts regarding Obama's college days. Definitely something sinister here.


Whataboutism is all Republiscums have - can you imagine any idiot still bringing up Obama's birth certificate? To clarify for any fool that still buys into that trash: President Obama was born in Hawaii to an American citizen. Now the one these morons should be questioning is the loser from Texas who was born in Canada to a Cuban Communist daddy!


This article goes to show that Democrats will say anything to win an election. They've been doing the same for years. Some even run for president and win when they aren't certified American citizens. Just look at Barack Hussein Obama.

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