We’re barely a month out from the Colonial Pipeline hacking, perpetrated by the Russian-speaking hacking group DarkSide, which left thousands of Americans without gas, preventing many from accessing food or medicine.

Not long after that was the attack on JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, which shut down multiple processing plants, perpetrated by Russian cybercriminal group REvil.

Two weeks ago, REvil hacked Kaseya, a U.S.-based software company, which affected 800 to 1,500 businesses. One of these businesses, Coop, a Swedish grocer, will take weeks to recover after the hacking shut down 800 of its physical storefronts. Coop paid $70 million to appease the criminals. The ripples also affected Leonardtown, Md., as city administrators lost all access to their systems.

We needed to set some clear boundaries — some definite consequences that would get Vladimir Putin’s attention — and, from what little we know, it looks like we might have succeeded in that. Once Biden called out Putin on the issue one-on-one, hacking giant REvil disappeared.

While the process of shutting down REvil is still in the dark, this looks like a good example of Biden backing up his words. We provided consequences: either Putin wrangles the hackers harbored in Russia’s borders or the U.S. takes swift, decisive actions to protect American assets. We hope that this signals a future of cooperation with Russia on the issue of cybercrime, as well as standing firm against Russia when their inaction results in American losses.

— The Dallas Morning News


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