Michael Reagan

Wednesday was a sad day for America. We watched the mob violence and lawlessness in Washington with a tear in our eye.

We saw images of the Capitol stormed by hundreds of yahoos who fought with police, broke windows and forced the evacuation of a session of the U.S. Congress. At least four died in the chaos.

Wednesday was also a very sad day for conservatives, the Republican Party and tens of millions of American citizens who voted to reelect President Trump for all the right reasons.

But it was a really terrible day for Donald Trump.

The shocking events in Washington on Wednesday – which he provoked with his stubborn insistence he had been robbed by the systemic cheating of Democrats – have soiled his legacy forever.

And please, before I continue, I don’t want you Trump supporters out there to tweet at me with any of that “What about the violent BLM and Antifa riots in our cities all summer?” crap.

Those destructive and deadly riots by leftists were wrong and so was Wednesday’s riot by Trump people in D.C.

It’s not brain surgery.

Riots, mob violence and destroying private property is never right, even though many Democrats and the hypocritical liberal media think they’re justified if they’re done in the name of “progressive causes” or benefit them politically.

Trump could have prevented Wednesday’s national embarrassment and saved Republicans from disaster, but his ego and his narcissism got the better of him.

Like Hillary Clinton, who is still blaming her embarrassing defeat in 2016 on the Russians, Trump has proved for nine weeks that he doesn’t know how to lose.

He could have taken the high road and left office with a phenomenal legacy – and a solid conservative one.

Despite the way the dishonest liberal media ignored or dismissed his record of accomplishments for four years, he could have been remembered by history for a lot of good things.

For getting the COVID-19 vaccine out so quickly.

For creating a booming economy, cutting taxes, raising workers’ wages and turning America into an energy superpower.

Or how about for important things like keeping America out of any new foreign wars, shrinking our armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan and greatly increasing the country’s overall military strength?

But after Wednesday no one cares much about all those great successes and many others he never tired of boasting about.

It a shame. It could have been much different for the president.

He’s still a hero to millions of Flyover Americans and still a major political player. But the country he wanted to make great again is going to pay the ultimate price for his character flaws.

With the federal government virtually turned into a one-party socialist state, the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi troika will quickly flush away or turn around all the good things Trump did.

Unfortunately, it will be years before conservatives and the Republican Party can recover from the damage Trump has wrought just since Nov. 3.

We conservatives have been down and out before. The year 1976 comes to mind. But we bounced back with the right leadership and we can do it this time, too.

We have to regroup. We need to look forward, to find young new leaders to take us into the political future Trump has made for us.

Maybe now is a good time to go back and listen to some of my father’s great speeches, or his radio addresses from the late 1970s, and remember what he meant when he said he envisioned America as “a shining city on the hill.”

In the meantime, I ask all conservatives and Trump supporters – all 74,222,958 of you – to please stop thinking of Donald Trump as the equal of Ronald Reagan.

There is nothing my father and Donald Trump had in common and there never will be.

Ronald Reagan’s legacy was tearing down the Berlin Wall. Donald Trump’s legacy is going to be tearing down the Capitol. So sad.

Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political consultant, and the author of “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan.”


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Just ask yourself one question, who did the Nazis support this last election? Now that you have your answer think about who you supported...


Edit: The Americans who chose to believe that they would be immune from the virus


The liberal Democrats here can only get there point across by vulgar remarks and ugly name calling. The virus spread, not because of Trump, but by Americans who chose to not wear a mask ( remember early on Dr. Fauci announced that wearing a mask wouldn’t really help, he later had to back step on that). Americans chose to ignore staying at home, that was evidenced here in Havasu when every weekend became a holiday weekend with the throng of “visitors” wanting to get away from Cali. The Americans who chose not to believe that “they” would be immune from the virus and went on with life as usual. In short, we as Americans must take responsibility for our own actions. To blame ONE person is irresponsible. The virus came from China, what you chose to do about is on you.


Conservative/fascist domestic terrorists are the greatest danger our nation has ever faced.

And, Lil Debbie, why you insist upon defending the fascist fool who has spent four years trying to destroy our nation and culminated (we hope) by sending his domestic terrorists to attack our seat of government is just pathetic. Had this idiot told us the truth last February and not shut down virtually every program designed to protect our nation from this pandemic it has been estimated over 200,000 American men, women and children would not have died of the trump virus. And yes his ignorant followers who strut about without masks, hold "boat parades" and huge gene pool cleansing events are a major source of the spread of the trump virus. So you go about your insular little life believing in the fool while the rest of us know exactly who was responsible for this plague that has attacked our nation - Typhoid Donnie!

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

This comment is not about about last week’s mob insurrection against the United States, it is about today’s Republican Party. As I have stated before, I did not vote for trump, but I was a lifelong Republican until two years into trump’s term in office. But even with four years of continual chaos, bald-faced lying, bullying and complete incompetence, I just don’t think there are any words left in the dictionary to appropriately describe trump’s unfitness to be President, let alone be an American. Let’s face reality, the Republican Party, the original law and order party, has been destroyed by trump. And, as Wednesday’s horrific events unfolded, the likes of Republican Senators Cruz and Hawley and over 120 Republican representatives, were still willing to continue trump’s bidding and tried to disenfranchise the vote of 81 million Americans. These actions served as a complete unveiling to the entire world that today’s Republican Party, i.e., the party of trump, represents anarchy, disruption, raw ambition, chaos, mismanagement and the inability to lead. The Republican Party no longer believes in the will of the people, our constitution, the rule of law, democracy, civil order, or even pride in our country. Thankfully, there still are many Republican voters and elected representatives in the party that continue to uphold and support these principles, and even Vice President Pence found the courage to stand up to the party that has been hijacked by trump and his band of grifters. I also know trump’s ardent supporters will continue to see the only see the version of what he claims himself to be. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it will take, if anything, for these folks to see trump for what he is....a reckless and morally bankrupted shell of a man, as well as an impeached, lame-duck president.


The Republican Party danced with the devil tRUMP and now it's come back to haunt them. If the Republican Party doesn't disinfect itself from the tRUMP virus within itself they will die...

Objective Dialectic

Bonespurs [thumbup][thumbup]




Virus came from China, national debt is because of the virus that came from China, travel ban is because of the virus that came from China, deaths are from the virus that came from China, pandemic infections are because of the virus that came from China, GDP dropped because of the virus that came from China. The rest of your points are spun into a rhetoric that fits your personal dialogue.


Oh. lil debbie, why oh why do you come here and expect intelligent people to believe your non-stop litany of lies? The virus did originate in China, however once Typhoid Donnie lied to the America people and shut down every program designed to protect our nation he took ownership and it became the trump virus.

And I see you are incapable of proving anything I said is incorrect so why don't you just go back in the kitchen and turn our some snack cakes?


BLM. So now it's lil debbie now. Did you get reprimanded for your remarks about what you previously called her?

The term Trump virus is just a bunch of political blabber that came out of Pelosi's mouth and mouth and picked up by liberals like BLM.

Oh. BLM, why don't you go to Needles and get some gummies. They would be good for your constant pain you claim to have and aid you in sleeping at night, which I'm sure the whole of LHC would immensely enjoy. Heck, you might even act like an adult instead of your constant childish behavior.


Who is this "BLM" you keep nattering about?

And it was me, BigBob, who used the term SWEETIE in referring to Lil Debbie and no I was not reprimanded, I simply realized there is nothing sweet about that nut case and Lil Debbie just fits her better.

As to the term trump virus is it accurate considering that had he not shut off every program designed to protect our nation AND lied to the American people about the severity of what we were facing the pandemic would have not been as major a disaster in our nation as it is.

And I have pointed out previously I do not drink or smoke (really stupid things to do) nor do I do drugs. Your concern about my pain and sleeping difficulties is very nice of you, but it is nothing for you to concern yourself about. As to childish behavior - well that is extremely subjective and I certainly do not see it.

Now instead of posting such drivel why don't expend an equal amount of effort to prove anything I have ever posted is in error?


What's the matter, don't recognize your own name?

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

No one can blame trump for COVID-19, but he deserves every bit of criticism about how he and his administration responded to the pandemic. Fast approaching 400k American deaths, the current travesty we are experiencing brings to mind a very old saying, " Nero fiddled while Rome burned." The expression has a double meaning. Not only did Nero play music while his people suffered, but he was an ineffectual leader in time of a crisis. In trump's case, he told the public it would go away, even when he admitted he knew how deadly it was, and turned the wearing of masks into some dangerous “librul assault on freedom.” And he continues to spew lies about the virus, opting for crackpot healers, witch doctors and the my pillow guys, above scientists and medical professionals, That’s why we can’t get control over this virus. The the only leadership trump attempted at all, was to double down on the lies about the seriousness and effect of the virus on the US citizens in a time of crisis. Complete dereliction of duty.


BoneSpurs - You are correct, [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Thanks, HG! I’ll be back as Dawn King after the inauguration. I felt compelled to change my name for a couple weeks in recognition of my visceral contempt for the bloated, orange has-been-in-chief as he finally slithers out of the White House.


Dawn - It will be good to have you back since it also means that tRUMP is gone!

I'll be working on trying to repair the republican party in our area - too many far-right lunatics'.


IslandDeb - Virus came from China and tRUMP downplayed it, national debt is because of the virus that came from China and the way that tRUMP downplayed it, travel ban is because of the way tRUMP downplayed and even ignored the virus, deaths are from the virus that tRUMP ignored and downplayed, pandemic infections are because of tRUMP failing to deal with the virus, GDP dropped because of tRUMP's continued failures. The rest of your points are spun into a rhetoric that fits your personal dialogue.


Thank you Michael. Actually Trump's approval rating has risen since the "peaceful rally." On a side note: It's too bad you can't give our commie friend here, Shishka, aka HG, a bit of psychiatric help.


Oh, simple, now you think your little voice "Shishka" is HG? Those gummies really cog up your brain don't they? And Typhoid Donnie's approval rating has gone in the toilet since his rally that sent thousands of conservative/fascist domestic terrorists to our nation's Capitol building where five people, died dozens were injured and the work of the nation;s business was brought to a screeching halt. If anyone needs psychiatric help, simple, it is you and the rest of the domestic terrorist Republicans in our nation.

BoneSpurs McPantsLoad

Well, Simon, it appears that many of your tump supporting congressional members may find themselves running light on corporate campaign donations. It was just reported that Marriott said that as a result of last week’s “peaceful rally,” i.e., insurrection, the company would “halt campaign donations to lawmakers who voted against certifying the electoral college results of President-elect Joe Biden’s win.” Also, the Lincoln Project is initiating another tv and online campaign against companies like AT&T and Charles Schwab that donate to these people. I guess these folks couldn’t imagine all the “winning” they would reap from such a political stunt. Seems actions may finally have consequences.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Since money is so important to tRUMP and his stooges it's the right place to hit them. I'm glad to see corporate America understands what patriotism really is. Throw out the traitors!


As usual, your list is only your opinion. The virus and everything that ensued with it belongs to China.


Oh, Lil Debbie, why are you so massively ignorant? You're claiming what I post is only my "opinion" is worthless. PROVE anything I posted is in error. Now, do you understand the rules (I doubt it - too stupid) you take each item in turn and prove it is inaccurate using valid sources. Okay - now get to work!


Interesting “Bobby!” I believe the fact in which all was created due to the China virus has debunked and in all sense gave proof that what you continue is inaccurate! What you continue to spew is simply moronic!


"Your" (sic) - Who is "Bobby" and why can't we see his comments that bother you so much? Oh, that's right "Bobby" is just another of those little voices that run about in your head.

And I notice that you are also incapable of proving any of my comments are in error. Why? Oh that would be because they are accurate facts.


No IslandDeb, the virus came from China but the lack of a valid response and plan to slow it down to allow us to get to the vaccine stage was and is, owned by tRUMP.


Poor Mikey, just rambles on making less and less sense each week (must have caught his adopted dads dementia).

You gotta love this bit of idiocy, "With the federal government virtually turned into a one-party socialist state, the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi troika will quickly flush away or turn around all the good things Trump did." As usual one of the morons has no idea what a "socialist state" actually is and then there is making the ridiculous claim that Typhoid Donnie did anything "good." Let's just look at what Typhoid Donnie will leave us with -

1) Highest national debt;

2) Most convicted team members;

3) Most pandemic infections in world history.

4) Use of military troops against citizens of the United States.

5) American’s being banned from traveling to Europe.

6) The deaths of more 400,000 Americans due to the trump virus.

7) Most disastrous drop in GDP in our nation's history.

8) An insurrection that attacked our nation's capitol resulting in the deaths of five people, numerous injuries and a ransacked seat of our government.


So Big Bob is against the Covid Relief that gave us the highest national debt?

Everything Big Bob refers to is based on the virus, which came from China. Americans are banned from travel due to Covid not Trump. Michael Reagan makes much more sense in his post than your comment, Big Bob.


I don't usually agree with what Reagan's son says in his writings, but I agree with sections of this one. Our soon-to-be-ex-president has left a permanent stain on his term in office and our democracy. Actually, the rabble-rousing speech he made to his mob on Wednesday wasn't much different from many of his other ones, but the circumstances were. He was either too wrapped up in his own ego to see that, he didn't care, or he actually wanted a valid election overturned and some of the members of our government killed. Whatever his motives were, these actions just prove that he doesn't deserve to be president of our country.


missnemo - You are correct!


Yes, the virus did originate in China but thanks to Typhoid Donnie's massive ignorance it was allowed to spread, virtually unabated, throughout our nation because of his actions, making it the trump virus -

Here are some other actions the Trump administration undertook to dismantle government-spending programs related to fighting the spread of global diseases, according to Foreign Policy:

Shutting down the entire global-health-security unit of the National Security Council.

Eliminating the US government's $30 million Complex Crises Fund.

Reducing national health spending by $15 billion.

Consistently attacking Mark Green, the director of the US Agency for International Development.

And lil Mikey rarely makes any sense, as is the case with all the fools who carry water for Typhoid Donnie.


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] I really don't think anyone else could have screwed this up as much as tRUMP and his stooges have!

Cadillac kip


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