Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is right to move toward reopening the police department’s East Precinct and winding down the Capitol Hill protest zone. That decision should have come sooner than Monday, however. That’s not because Seattle should stop protesting or weaken its resolve to confront racism and police brutality — those things must continue. The decision is overdue because despite best intentions, CHOP — the Capitol Hill Organized Protest Area, formerly known as CHAZ — is now causing more harm than good.

Disorder at CHOP is hurting not only the local community but the national movement by fueling a narrative that protests and reform will lead to danger and chaos.

— The Seattle Times


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Pretty sure defunding police departments will lead to danger and chaos. Not just a narrative. In 2004, Cleveland cut 31% from their police budget. Pastor Darrel Scott, spoke about his hometown at a House Judiciary Committee, in short saying that the cuts transformed the city from being "relatively safe" to "unbelievably unsafe." Minneapolis is leading the way now to disbanding the police department. We'll see what happens. I'm just glad I'm not the guinea pig living there during this social experiment.


I agree completely. The city and its democratic beliefs have already decided that it’s no longer a peaceful protest, lol! I can’t wait to see how they figure this out! Good luck!

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