This came in from “William” observing television ads for U.S. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema:

“Her term ends in 2025, but it is like she is in an election in November. Daily TV ads, sometimes back to back. Does she have a whole lot of PAC money that must be spent by the end of this year? Did someone run some poll that returned less than stellar reviews of her? I could see Senator Kelly doing this since he is up for re-election in November 2022, but Sinema? … Certainly is turning off me and my wife in considering voting for her in the future. We thought we would get a respite from political ads after November of 2020, but here she is, blanketing TV stations...”

As William concluded: “Overkill to the extreme.”

I placed a few calls to Washington, D.C. seeking answers. No one I could speak with knew what was going on; I’ll look for Sinema’s return phone call. But William is correct, it is as though she is campaigning anew. Maybe they’re hoping Sinema’s success will help Sen. Mark Kelly.

Tim Wiederaenders is editor of the Prescott Daily Courier, an affiliated newspaper with Today’s News-Herald. He is a former Lake Havasu City resident.


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Vince Gors

"BLOB", Sinema is a Great Patriot who has The United States Of America's Best Interest in Mind.

She has come to her senses and Voting against your "Evil Party"

God Bless America[cool]


vinnie - Econ agar you come here and talk to "BLOB" who is nothing more than a warped little voice in your massively warped head. There has never been a comment by a "BLOB" in these pages. Seek mental help before it's too late.


Vince Gors... Those of your mindset think anyone who agrees with them is somehow a great patriot, and those that don't are evil. While that belief is ridiculous, don't you think the country would be better served having a discussion as to what is in this bill Sinema doesn't support? Why doesn't she support it? She's really telling us nothing, but we do know that she has taken a great deal of money from Big Pharma, which is strongly opposed to this bill. It appears they are opposed since it seeks to allow medicare to negotiate drug prices. Several aspects that we do know are contained in this bill, are polling very popular with Americans. For example, One reputable poll shows 88% in favor of adding dental and vision to medicare. It's obvious that crosses political lines. To just simply be against this bill because of the cost and the way in which it is going to be paid for without weighing the benefits, is very short-sighted. Certainly the bill is worth more to the American people than just declaring the party proposing it as being evil. Since America is the people, should they not have a say in what serves their best interest with consideration to the popularity of aspects of this bill? Can we agree to that? If we can, we are making progress.


“Since America is the people, should they not have a say in what serves their best interest.” They do Twit, it’s called Election Day every two years on the first Tuesday in November. Unfortunately, the “people” occasionally make a mistake, as happened in November 2020. With last week’s polling, it appears the “people” have realized their mistake in electing a senile doddering old man and foolishly “progressive” Congress. I suspect that mistake will be corrected a little over one year from now! [thumbup][whistling][wink][beam] Deaton

Vince Gors

Davel3. Are You New Here? Your "Evil Party" has pulled about ever Dirty Trick in the Book, and the Latest Trash is your "DANDY" schumer comes out after the "Traitor" mcconnel gives in and takes the Bribe to give your Party what they have been Crying about.

The Time/Days for Talking to Agree are Over, way Over.

There is an Old Sying = Cheat Me Once =Shame On You= Cheat Me Twice= Shame On Me.

I know it is Shame On Me Long Ago. Your People's word is (Fill In The Blank)

Vince Gors

Hopefully she will continue with Common Sense actions and Hold The Line on the Sickening "Dim's" Socialist Policies. She is turning out to be one of if not the "Finest" Arizona Washington Politicians.[thumbup]


vinnie - We all keep waiting for you to someday learn what socialism actually is. Simply because you keep making stupid statements in no way makes them true. And Sinema was not hired to vote her "conscience" or "feelings" she was hired to represent her constituents and in that respect she is a great disappointment as she sides with the utterly disgusting Republicans who hate women, children and "those" people.

X Ray

Although the U.S. isn't really a socialist country, it is well on the path of becoming a welfare state. A form of government in which the state protects and promotes the economic and social well-being of its citizens, based upon the principles of equal opportunity (a good idea), equitable distribution of wealth (a very dangerous idea), and public responsibility for citizens unable (or unwilling?) to avail themselves of the minimal provisions for a good life.

Sinema is to be commended (so far) for holding her ground, but I think she'll cave for a lower number. Democrats will lower the amount from 3.5 trillion over 10 years to a lower amount over 5 years, knowing that once Americans are "hooked" on a new entitlement(s) that politicians will have no stomach to take them away (see Obamacare).


xr - You cite the Affordable Care Act which has provided millions of Americans with access to health care. That is a good thing, unless you're a scummy Republican who hates women, children, the poor or "those" people."


It's amazing how some people think of tax payer funded social and economic programs as equating to a lazy society that just wants entitlements. The Affordable Care Act was a game changer for millions of Americans who would otherwise not have medical coverage. It has notably reduced the number of deaths per year caused by the lack of having healthcare. In my opinion, there exist more positives than negatives with programs that improve the quality of life for the people of a nation. For example, I firmly believe an educated and healthy society is a productive and competitive society in a global economy. It's beneficial to all of us, including the rich who will also benefit from such. I see nothing wrong with the ultra wealthy and large corporations giving back part of the 2017 tax savings given to them to pay for Biden's plan. In fact, polls show as many as 70% of all Americans also favor raising taxes on the wealthy. Biden's plan includes free education and healthcare provisions which amounts to an investment in our people. That with consideration to understanding that the fortunes the wealthy have accumulated are due to average wage earners using their products and services, or those the wealthy are invested in. It's a win-win for all. The Horatio Alger's theory has done little to solve our continuing issues. It's time to start thinking outside the box.

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