It is election season, and with it comes campaign signs. Of course, you knew that. Did you know, however, some among us cannot stomach these displays of opinion? They creep onto neighboring properties or as they drive by they deface, destroy or take the campaign signs.

We hear about it from time to time at local newspapers. A reader stated this week: “We have the opportunity to ‘do the right thing’ for our community by paying attention to such matters (and discouraging those we know who talk about wanting/planning to do such things). Perhaps the police/sheriff departments can/will be proactive to discourage this illegal (and immoral) behavior.”

Yes, we’ve seen a sharp increase in vandalism and theft of political signs. This will most likely increase as we get closer to Election Day. Still, I am not sure what law enforcement can do about it; they cannot be everywhere.

I think it’s sad. I don’t agree with everything you say or do and, while I am not someone who posts campaign signs on my property, why not leave alone those who do so legally?

Well, take care, folks (those who steal or deface campaign signs). A little bird told me some people are putting motion sensors or other types of alarms on their campaign signs.

One guy I know is experimenting with an electric shock alarm.


Tim Wiederaenders is an editor at the Prescott Daily Courier and a former Lake Havasu City resident.


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A high number of sign thefts of tRUMP signs are actually committed by other tRUMP supporters who are too cheap or lazy to get their own signs...


HG, I think you nailed it! We all know how the supporters of Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader of the trump virus, are extremely cheap and not above stealing. What I love is driving around town and seeing all of the Biden flags flying - we call them the Stars and Stripes.


[thumbup] HavasuGuy that's likely very true. They hate paying taxes so

it would be indicative of them to hate paying for anything. I collect political

memorabilia and you couldn't give me one. So I know it's not me!



“I collect political memorabilia” really Twit? I didn’t know that? Say, I’ve got some “yard signs” I’d trade? How about 1 Dukakis, 2 Gore / Loseman, and a “Jimmy Carter” for one Reagan / Bush? Or how about 6 “Hope and Change” and 7 Hillary/ Kane’s for my very last “I like Ike” sign, their very rare? You can keep all that “Biden/Harris” stuff it’s going to be worthless in about two weeks! So what do you think? Good deal, Huh? Twit? How about you HavasuGuy [batman] ? #Re-Elect45! [thumbup][tongue][tongue_smile] Deaton


HG! Where did you find this statistic? Or is this just more hate towards your neighbors? Why do continue with so much stupid? I personally can’t wait to look you in the eyes and ask questions about comments you’ve made! How people’s attitudes change when confronted! You’re a true keyboard warrior!


"Your" (sic). Hi, I noticed that you claim to have bought some of my books and used for toilet paper. Good for you and can you buy a few more? You see when you buy my books I get the royalties and I really don't care what you do with them - after all they are your property, paid for with your money. Now do you want to admit you lied?


I find it abhorrent that anyone would steal a campaign sign. I find them useful for letting me know which of my neighbors are nuts and what businesses not to deal with.


So BigBob, if you don’t do business with Trump supporters, where do shop? Tucson, LA? Dude that must put a lot miles on your truck? #Re-Elect45! [beam][tongue][love] Deaton




So you are in favor of stealing signs?


Only in baseball.

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