Years ago, a move was underway to make it harder for Arizonans to create their own laws. At the time I thought it was because of the effort to legalize marijuana, for example, which was born by groups elsewhere in the United States coming here trying to get their measure passed. It was not a homegrown or grassroots effort, and they succeeded last year.

One has to wonder if we, Arizonans, really want some of these things. So some lawmaker says, “That’s wrong, let’s pass a law!”

In a state where recall elections are too easy and some ballot measures are not checked well enough ahead of approval (and they end up mired in the courts), this type of “tinkering” continues today, with state lawmakers trying to figure out a way around the voter-approved Proposition 208, the education tax on the wealthy.

We’ll always have our ability to vote lawmakers out – the ultimate power, except when lawmakers also want to tweak a voter-approved measure because they just don’t like it. Seems politicians want all the control. While I did not approve of Prop 208, when did lawmakers become so wise? In fact, our state lawmakers are becoming what they hate; the federal government often blackmails the states – “if you enact that, you’ll lose highway funding” – but our legislators do the same to the counties, cities and towns. Really, good state lawmakers do exist. The rest of them must think we’re not watching.

Tim Wiederaenders is an editor at the Prescott Daily Courier and a former resident of Lake Havasu City.


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Bigblob you are so full of yourself, When are you ever going to learn that your beloved party is made up of fools just like yourself. The dems will go down in history as the anti American party with you following along. Your party is made up of people who want to destroy this country and make us all servants to their evil ways. You may as well give it up as we the true American patriots will never cave to you and your loser leaders. You keep saying that Biden was elected by the people what a farce he was given the presidency by the corrupt democratic party and you know it. He is no more a leader then my pet bird. He is controlled by his handlers whom ever they are. He is such a disgrace and the world is watching. It won't be long and he will be cast aside for the other moron Harris, you know the idiot that couldn't even get support from her own state during the primaries. Speaking of her Biden gave her a new job to get the border crisis under control but the handlers changed her job to contact the southern countries to see if she can get them to stop sending their people north to invade our country. What a joke the only thing she can do is laugh when questioned about it. There is no leadership in your party just a bunch of hapless idiots that should not be anywhere near the white house. You should just leave Lake Havasu a make your way to DC to apply for a job with the loser left as they need people like you. And by the way take as many of the illegals with you to the white house so Biden and Harris can take care of them.


1) Arizona Republicans introduced a bill that would effectively allow Republican elected officials to OVERTURN the will of the voters in presidential elections by giving the Republican-controlled state legislature veto power over the certification of presidential electors.

2) Arizona Republican state Rep. John Kavanagh said Republican voter suppression efforts are to ensure the “quality of the votes.” In a an interview on CNN Kavanaugh said, “everybody shouldn't be voting.”

3) In front of the Supreme Court, an obvious graduate of the Formers Guy’s Youniversity Skool of Lauws representing the Arizona Republican Party defended the state’s voting suppression attempt claiming if they are eliminated, “IT PUTS US AT A COMPETITIVE DISADVANTAGE RELATIVE TO DEMOCRATS,” proving that allowing just any American to vote is not fair – to Republicans.

Deplorable Neanderthal

Bigbob/hwyrovr the hate monger of Havasu has spoken.

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