I have to admit I laughed out loud when rapper Kanye West announced his run for the presidency.

Since then he has failed to get on the General Election ballot in at least Arizona. Then it hit me — he was a spoiler.

Think about it. If West had made it onto the Nov. 3 ballots as an independent for POTUS, he would have likely siphoned off (some) votes from Joe Biden or Donald Trump (likely more from Biden, I think).

Well, it won’t matter much in Arizona now that the state Supreme Court has ruled.

Interesting, huh?

• WATER — In the news this week, six states have blasted a plan to tap Colorado River water.

Basically, in a joint letter, water officials from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Wyoming urged the U.S. government to halt the approval process for a project that would bring water 140 miles from Lake Powell in northern Arizona to the growing area surrounding St. George, Utah.

The bottom line: There will never be enough water in the Colorado River to supply the fresh water needs in the West, Southwest and American Indian tribes.

It should not and will not happen. At the very minimum, southern California is too thirsty.

• COVID — What virus?! It has been heartening to see the community bounce back from covid-19 shutdowns — ranging from local bars reopening lately in a restaurant style to schools ushering in hybrid instruction with relative ease.

We are all still feeling the effects of lost revenue and shuttered doors, but the sun is rising and people are getting back to work, in some measure.

Still, I wonder when we can ditch the masks. The coronavirus is not gone; it is only in decline.

Stay safe out there!

Tim Wiederaenders is a former Lake Havasu City resident and an editor at the Prescott Daily Courier.


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