Rewind in your mind to the first months of the coronavirus; most people were being careful, wearing masks and practicing safe distancing.

With the covid-19 numbers, cases of positivity, surging in Arizona and across the nation these past few weeks, the dreaded “second surge” is here.

But now we have people attending events and entering stores and establishments not being as safe. In some places it is near impossible to find someone wearing a mask. Further, in stores that require masks people can be seen inside with them around their necks (not over their mouth and nose) or off entirely.

For that I point to a political candidate I saw in a local grocery store last month; he was wearing a mask but his wife was not.

Go figure.

It makes the second surge almost more dangerous than the first. Stay safe out there.

I still believe we are all in this together.

• HAND IN HAND — We are hearing that state and federal forecasters are calling for a drier than normal winter for Arizona, which would come on the heels of one of the driest monsoons ever recorded here.

Then consider that the number of acres burned by wildfires in Arizona was up sharply this year. While structure damage and fatalities were down, officials say the “wildfire season” is now more of a yearlong event.

Great. One depends upon the other, and remember, too, that humans can be to blame for wildfires.

Two things come to mind immediately. First, at my house, we are watering our trees — trees that generally do not require watering, but we don’t want them to die during this drought.

Then there’s the risk or result of our actions. Let’s all make sure we are not doing anything that could start a blaze. It takes only one spark under the right conditions.

Tim Wiederaenders is an editor at the Prescott Daily Courier and a former Lake Havasu Citiy resident.


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Havasu people have demonstrated they think they know better than our doctors. Trump said it was a hoax and people believed a guy who lies about most things. Good luck if you get sick.


Real compassion from evidently a compassionless person.


Shhhh, you're sounding silly again - still. Put the gummy down.

Dawn King

So, Simon, please enlighten us as to why he is wrong?


The "second surge" which was actually promised us by a grinning Bill Gates is actually called "the flu". Happens every year. Only this time it's marked covid if someone dies from it.


Look at you! Showing up here, yet again, and demonstrating just dumb one person can be.

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