Editor: I am a 73-year-old Navy Vietnam vet and an Independent. I look at the person and their views and beliefs rather than what party they are affiliated with.

But in today’s world we have a tendency of lumping people into political parties, primarily Republican vs. Democrat, right vs. left and so on.

I ask, are we not capable of thinking on our own anymore, independent of what others want us to believe?

I will be the first to admit that I do not like what former GOP president Trump is doing to this country with his lies and his threat to our Democracy, but I also do not believe Democrat President Biden has been right on everything either. Far from it.

It seems as though if you’re a Republican you’re hated by the Democrats and vise versa. Why? I’ve actually seen friendships break up solely due to party line. Again, can’t we put politics aside and not let it interfere with our daily lives.

I firmly believe our so-called leaders are afraid of saying what they truly believe, such as crossing Trump, because they fear losing an election.

What kind of a leader is that? More like a puppet if you really think about it. In a nutshell, I’m asking do we as a democratic society with laws and our freedom really want one person to have that much power and control over our lives?

I don’t, and I don’t care who it may be. Think about it.

Tom Ciardullo

Lake Havasu City


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Your Welcome

I believe in my ability to decide what’s best for me. My family and I, decides if my decisions are what’s best for myself and them. We consider our neighbors and even though they may out number us, we will never allow them to dictate our needs. I believe in hard work, my ability to choose a path and blame no body for mistakes made, but myself. I believe our government continues to create ideologies, simply to take from individuals providing for their families. You can

Your Welcome

I believe you shouldn’t take a phone call while posting a comment. I believe the constitution as its written protects my independence from a government of tyranny. I am proud to be a Republican!


Being an independent is fine Tom, and thanks for your service during another troubled time in our history. However, in a “Democratic Republic” such as this Nation power and influence come with having the numbers to win in elections. Political parties evolved when large numbers of like minded individuals banded together to form a consensus of opinion about candidates who proposed ideas consistent with that consensus opinion and had enough votes to get their candidate elected. I’m a registered Republican I believe in limited government, capitalism, reasonable taxes and the US Constitution as it was written. The current Democrat Party believes in oppressive government and regulation. They want to control what Americans think, speak and believe. They want to control the means of production and make all of your life decisions for you. They seem to believe that “Justice” is taking from the successful, productive people and giving what they take to the unsuccessful losers that live among us. It seems their main goal is equality through “socialism”! I just hope that Americans learn from this experiment with DIMOCRAT rule and the clueless dim-wit we elected as our President? I know I have! [thumbup][huh][wink][smile] Deaton

Middle of The Road

No political party defines who we are, and if it does, what a shallow people we are. But until lifetime politicians are ousted, and focused thinking Americans are installed, you got what ya got, a divided country filled with hate. BTW, the media owns a lot of the problem.

Havasu Guy

I agree Tom, it won’t be the republicans or the democrats that fix America, it will be the American citizens that prevail. The moderate centrists are the real silent Americans, the loud extremists on the left and the right are the minority. Proof of this is the large number of independents we have today.

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