Editor: So, let me get this straight. The Socialist Democrat “gang of four” want to eliminate ICE (law enforcement). Now I hear Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is calling for the elimination of Homeland Security. Guess she was too young to understand Sept. 11, 2001 — you know, “that thing that happened” as described by Representative Omar.

The Democrats have tried for 50 plus years to disarm the citizens of this country.

All told, these efforts and goals by the Left add up to bad news for my America. Stay vigilant folks!

Tom Crager

Lake Havasu City


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Obama's going to take our guns!!! Grow up. The democrats had control of the White House and Congress, why didn't they take our guns then? As a gun owning, First Amendment loving, NRA member, I want tougher gun control to remove them from mental cases and untrained users. My biggest fear is that some idiot carrying a gun accidentally shots me. I have to qualify to drive, learn how to drive, pass a driving test and carry a license to operate a car. I want others to do the same for their guns too. A large number of Americans want stricter gun laws - stop blaming the democrats and come up with solutions.

Djanga Unchained

You don't like the climate - Move. I don't disagree totally with your statement, but you know that document called the Constitution? "shall not be infringed" It's plain english. That even means enduring criminals and dimwits doing terrible things with firearms. The beauty of America, is your free to do what you want - to include moving out of it, if you don't agree.


I love the climate! Heck, I even put up with some really dumb people because I do like the climate. Do you own a moving company here in town? Seems you're always jumping on telling people to move. Read the Constitution and you'll see that my right to disagree with you is just as important as my right to keep and bare arms.


The Republicans have tried for over 80 plus years to destroy Social Security and thanks to a draft dodging coward squatting in our White House it appears as if they will finally reach their goal. For over 50 plus years the Republicans have wanted to destroy Medicare and as per the aforementioned fool they may accomplish that. With the arrival of the lying draft dodger both ICE and DHS have become frightening copies of the Gestapo and need to be either done away with or massively restructured. And soon, despite assurances by our illegitimate Senator (McSally said on 24 October 2018 she’s "leading the fight" to "force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions.") millions of Americans face loss of health care coverage. All told these efforts and goals by the Right add up to bad news for my American. Vote BLUE!


Don't worry, McSalley will be gone after the next election. She has not carried out her promises and has supported those that go against everything she said she stood for.

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