Editor: Just received my annual registration notice via email and noticed that the public safety fee of $32 is still included within the cost of the registration. If I’m not mistaken I thought that this fee was going to be abolished due to non-voter approval. Lawmakers felt it necessary to impose this fee under the guise of public safety.

This is just another way for our duly elected leaders to get too the taxpayers and to try and panic Arizona citizens into accepting this imposed tax without a vote of the people. I am now being taxed $372.19 annually for a 2017 vehicle. This does include the safety fee but I don’t feel any safer, just short of some of my money.

Let’s ask our State representatives to finally repeal this arbitrary taxation without representation.

Tom Parlett

Lake Havasu City


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Deplorable Neanderthal

If you can, register for multiple years and you’ll be discounted on your registration fee and only pay the other fee once, not for each year.

Vince Gors

Ignore "Bubble Boy" the fee is going to be removed shortly. It was a disgusting Scam, but be assured it going away.


You know Republicans will never repeal a tax and that "fee" is most assuredly a tax.


Taxes, the a Democrat thing, they use if for every reason to fleece "Americans". out of the 52 EO's that Biden signed, how many will require a tax increase to pay for them??? Think about that for a moment. Some one has to pay. Obviously, College students won't have to pay their loans off, who pays? Illegals coming across the border and getting all the luxuries of the good ole USA, who pays?? What about housing the homeless, who pays? What about globally paying for abortions', who pays? Don't you think it really is time that people are held accountable for their own behavior and life decisions, without dragging the rest of us into it? But once again, who pays??? If you live on the dole your entire life, who pays?? It really is a great question......who pays for all this??? Politicians don't seem to really care, maybe a handful do, but most don't, they only want to line their own pockets. Think about it, squatters in the House and Senate, no term limits, become millionaires, who pays??? Taxes, who is really paying...not the politicians, not the students, not the colleges, and certainly not those that have been on the life long dole. This country has lost it's way, over power and greed. And both parties are too blame. I say, cast away Washington DC and start over!!! It all started over Taxes, and we still 200+ years later, are still fighting over taxes, only difference is, we have little to no say now. So who pays????


That's rich, taxes seem to be a republican thing lately too. You might want to check into the Term Limits movement, it's the only thing that will fix our politician problem.

Vince Gors

"Bubble Boy" GO TO YOUR ROOM!!


Vince, you just made a funny. You know he never left his room.

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