Editor: We’re deep in the off season for Arizona legislators. Lawmakers won’t return to Phoenix for months. As state legislators set their goals and priorities for the next session, Automated Verification and Registration (AVR) should be at the top of their lists. It’s the perfect policy to begin a legislative session: It addresses a critical issue, it’s an easy policy to implement, it demonstrates responsibility, and it’s bipartisan. Without secure voter rolls, other security improvements are only half measures. AVR ensures voter rolls are up to date, accurate, and reliable, helping to prevent both foreign interference and voter fraud.

AVR requires a one-time capital investment, and then saves money. It’s a one-time fix that improves services without costing taxpayers more money. Republicans and Democrats in 20 states have already adopted AVR. Arizona should, too. Our lawmakers need to make AVR their top priority.


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John Andrews

What we need are Federal Elections being conducted using a Federal Election ID card issued automatically at age 18 allowing EVERY citizen the right to vote anywhere in the country without infringement by any state. And the winner would be the person receiving the most votes – period. Let the states keep mucking about with their disgusting voter suppression efforts, but ALL elections for federal offices would be held on a Saturday and Sunday and handled by the Federal government using the Federal Election ID card with a solid paper trail and no state interference! And dump the EC!

Rooster Cogburn

rovR. Great idea! Get rid of the EC. We could hold Voting open for a week and use computers. Just think we could vote to get the government to pay for everything, yes everything for free. Well the Corporations would pay for everything. We could all stay up all night just like you. You're a Genius. You sure are a Smart guy roviE.

Ex Ray

You realize that the United States is a republic not a democracy, right? There are very sound reasons for not directly electing a president based on a plurality of votes. It's so that populous states on the west and east coast don't run roughshod over less populous states. The constitution gives states representatives according to their populations, while balancing this out with only two senators per state, regardless of population. If the we eliminated the electoral college then we would see a big increase in the number of political parties with presidential candidates because all you would need to win is a plurality of votes. A president could be elected with only 23% of the votes. This would be more like parliamentary systems (like the UK) and we all know how chaotic those systems are. Here's a quote from John Adams, “Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet, that did not commit suicide.”

You should read up on why we're a constitutional republic and not a democracy and not proposed "solutions" so that your candidate(s) can win.

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