Arizona’s good-sense effort to assure voters are indeed U.S. citizens is again in limbo as elections approach.

A federal judge in March approved plans in both Arizona and Kansas to require voter registrants to show proof of citizenship. In late May, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a stay, saying there wasn’t evidence that non-citizen voting was a problem.

Arizona wants its requirement for citizenship proof built into the federal voting document which now only requires registrants to affirm they are citizens. As an alternative, it has a cumbersome two-tier system in place that allows voters without citizenship proof to vote for federal offices in elections but not state offices.

The appeals court should address this topic quickly so it can be settled before the elections. The Arizona primary is in late August. Kansas has a primary the first week in August.

Voting is both a basic and a cherished right extended to citizens in this country. Through the years, laws have evolved to make sure every citizen can vote. Yet there is no real barrier in place to assure the right is extended only to citizens.

Is voter fraud by non-citizens a problem? Hard to say, since no citizenship proof is required to vote. The real answer, not surprisingly, swirls in the waters of partisan politics. Republicans suspect, but can’t prove, that Democrats are encouraging voting by non-citizens. Democrats apparently have a problem keeping track of their documents.

In our view, the simple test for voting is citizenship. It’s reasonable to insist on evidence beyond a checked box to exercise that right. It shouldn’t be a big deal. People are used to proving their identity and residency for all sorts of government and business transactions.

They should feel pride in doing so to vote.

— Today’s News-Herald


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What about the voter registration card I have in my wallet? Not one time have I been asked to show it when I've voted. How about just using what we have? Require proof of citizenship when you get your Voter ID card, like the one in my wallet, and have to show it when you vote. It's not rocket science.


ABSOLUTELY! Require proof! This is my right as a citizen of these United States to vote. I don't have this right in any other country that I know of. To extend on that, I don't know of any other country that would give me free medical care, money, food and housing either. Pfft... make 'em show proof. Let's try to clean up the voting data. I will gladly show my proof of citizenship. [beam]


The people that fight the requirement that proof of citizenship are, for the most part, elected to office by other people voting for free stuff instead of leadership. These elected officials have made this their career and would have no clue how to survive in a real job.

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