Editor: A friend of mine in the 1950s was caught in the act of stealing a hub cap; his name was Bobby Eldfeld, a white 16 year old. Back in those days steeling hubcaps was the thing, not for making money but just more or less to see if you could get away with it. Now Bobby was caught red-handed stealing a hub cap by a cop and ordered to halt but Bobby ran; the office order him to “halt or I’ll shoot”, Bobby kept running and the office shot him in the back leaving him confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life.

The moral of this story is twofold: If both persons hadn’t committed a crime, and had complied with the officer’s commands, I wouldn’t have writing this letter. What happened to George Floyd was brutal and justice was served. But I believe that anyone who doesn’t obey an officer of the law is fare game and responsible for their own actions ... period!

William Koster

Lake Havasu City


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Trump didn't build a business, he was handed $400 million and screwed a lot of people over the years. To put that into perspective, if you invested that amount of money 40 years ago and only received 5% return on average you would be worth over $6 billion today, far more wealth than trump has, not such a good businessman!


I support, all “Police!” 100%, if those choosing to commit crimes, simply take accountability for their actions, we wouldn’t have to worry about the decision a police officer makes! It’s pretty simple, if you run and fight an officer you’re guilty! Im tired of people thinking this reaction, is of innocence and because they are afraid of the “Police!” Thats B.S! If one is running and fighting, it’s because they’ve committed a crime, maybe not that specific time but be assured those disobeying a police officer, are only afraid of his/her past! Stop blaming, the police for doing their job!


Yet you embrace white collar criminals like Donald Trump.


How did the Biden family become so wealthy? Trump built a business to create wealth. Didn't they cover that in school?


What a stupid comment! You “Christopher” are making assumptions, not facts! “Christopher!” I don’t agree with any crimes, but if you want to compare criminals. How many white collar criminals shoot and fight the police? Also “Christopher,” you do realize blacks, browns and all colors commit, “white collar crimes!”Continue a narrative that has no bearing! That’s pathetic, people like you continue with such ignorance and hate! “Rhetoric!” That’s all, you’re able to bring!



"I believe that anyone who doesn’t obey an officer of the law is fare game"

People need to read your statement and let it sink in.

Police: judge, jury and executioner?

I sure don't want to live in your fascist country, N.Korea?



But it's OK to live in your country with criminals that have free reign. Come on Chrissy, don't be "woke", wake up. Some kids never had a chance at commonsense. Support the Blue Line!


I'm certain William is not a young, black male. I feel that these individuals have seen so much death at the hands of police they are terrified and make irrational decisions. And no one should ever be pinned to the pavement with a knee to their neck for nearly ten minutes.

Vince Gors

Are you defending a Career Criminal? One who was destined to Die, one way or another. Drugs OR Stupidity.

Leach On Society. How about the Elderly Woman he held a Gun to her head while robbing. He was out on Bond for that one. The video is the Only Crime here. Good Riddance!!


Just another typical, left wing response from Bob who like his fellow left wing nuts never fails to play the race card. Support the Blue and check race at the door.


I think people like you are the reason that the country is so incredibly divided. More white people are shot by the hands of the police every year, than African Americans. And no unarmed Military Vet should ever be shot by an unnamed, and non charged Capitol Policeman. BB is so confused on this subject. You cannot have it both ways. Not everything, is about color, the left just uses it non stop to cover up the real problem. Call a dog a duck long enough, and what you have is a dog that thinks its a duck. Own it left, the division is ALL on you!


But "Lit'l Bobber" won't say he supports criminals, then identifies with young, black males. He won't say it's criminals just trying to get away with crime. Pretty basic facts. Dang those facts and irrational decisions.

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