Editor: Joe Biden is well into the first stages of dementia. I know because I have dealt with it for five years with my wife and it is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. When you lose your mind you have nothing left.

Now mind you I never have liked Biden, but I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone.

His wife is a disgusting human being putting him through this, the man is sick. The liberal side of the Democratic party should be ashamed of themselves for putting this man through this. They have said they will do anything to get rid of Trump and they mean it. They go after Trump for what is happening in these cities, but they are all run by liberals. Most of them have been run by Democrats for 20 to 40 years or more. You don’t get on your knees to these people and told to stand down and give up the precinct and expect a good outcome. It is sad, but that is where we are.

William Sitzer

Lake Havasu City


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Well Mr. Sitzer, It's hard to imagine a man who may have the early stages of dementia would be a better choice for President, but compared to Trump, he is! And all those "Liberal" cities? I seem to remember one where the Republicans seized control and the water became undrinkable. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


And you rumpers somehow think trump is sane? The guy who just held a rally in a state with one of the worse increases in a deadly virus? The one where he not only wore no mask but now has encouraged his party to support that all his followers should reject all medical support for separation and wearing a mask. Yea, the definition of insanity is upon us.

Vince Gors


One of two thngs occurred this morning = Either the Editor does not accept people posting the Truth in regards to this Evil Plague, bb OR! bb cant handle the Fact either.

EDITOR: Please allow Posts that do contain the Truth,without Foul Language or Threats.

And if you can not, then Please Ban this bb, rovr or what ever he is going by today. That alone should be enough to eliminate his Evil,Sick, Dangerous Evil Spewing on a Daily Basis.

Please just One Or the Other.


Dementia is the correct description for the impeached guy currently squatting in our White House. Let's consider just one example of his mental collapse - In what has to be the most convoluted logic ever conceived our impeached president said, “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.” What immediately came to mind was that if we stopped breathalyzer testing it would eliminate drunk drivers. Can someone – anyone – please tell me why you continue to support such a person?

And to be honest I prefer a president who doesn’t drink water like a toddler and can actually walk down a ramp.

But we all have to admit Donnie has singlehandedly managed to bring back – 1) the 1918 pandemic; 2) the 1929 depression; and 3) the 1968 race riots – all at the same time.

Vince Gors

Speaking of Sick, Ill. Have you ever read your posts? I wish to know if you have and then wonder your thoughts? You can not be proud of your never ending HATE POSTING. I really feel sorry for all of your relatives as it must so embarrassing to be associated with someone who is filled with " NOTHING"

I am going to tell you something that I believe strongly.

Your writings are of people who have commited Evil Hate Crimes. People like you sit in Dark, dreary rooms and do nothing but fill their life with more and more Hatred.

It is Not one post, Damn, you are a broken record of Evil Hate.

I pray that I will not have to read that some day you finally carried out the Horrid Acts that I can see you are capable of.

You are Way Beyond twisted.


William sorry to hear about your wife’s affliction, a prayer for her. I agree Joe has some serious cognitive problems. I feel sorry for him too. But, what their doing to him is disgusting! Fortunately, they can’t keep him underwraps for much longer? [thumbdown][ohmy] Deaton


Vinny, I guess no one ever told you but, you don't have to read his posts...

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