Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to folks addressing the City Council in such rude manner! Men, hats are not to be worn indoors! And please either wear longer shirts or wear a belt that holds pants up properly! Most importantly, prepare your presentation to fit it into the 3 minute time allotment.

Orchids to Brian from VanRooy Plumbing for fixing the drip in my walk-in bathtub. Another plumbing company in town shined me on. I notified the manufacturer and they sent parts which Brian installed. Great company and excellent service. Thank you

Onions to the grocery store. I went there Saturday morning and there were at least 30 people of all ages with no masks on or had them lowered to under the chin. Entrance says you require masks. How about being a responsible business and stopping these people from possibly spreading covid?

Onions to the landfill, beware if you never been there. They will charge you for a hard hat and a vest, then over charge you for dropping off some tree branches, wow. Also bring lots of cash, what a racket. No wonder people drop stuff in the desert.

Onions to all the whiners about hunting coyotes. They have mange, disease and they are starving. Please explain how keeping them in the population helps the balance of nature. Please move back to where you came from with your uneducated bleeding heart opinions.

Orchids to Pharmacist Wayne at Walgreens! You helped us endure another flu season with your painless shots! You deserve a raise!

Orchids to Trina Lee. Keep watching, because the yotes come into town at night and head back to the desert in the early morning. That’s where they are greeted with beautiful optics sitting on lovely tools made from iron and wood.

Onions to the people who think they’re good drivers but are not!

Orchids to stores having out Christmas stuff so I can buy a bunch of decorations already.

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