Congressman Paul Gosar

Congressman Paul Gosar (right) greets local veterans at SARA Park Rodeo Grounds in March. With Gosar is Parker Eagle Riders member Joe Nollat, of Lake Havasu City.

U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar announced that he intends to continue to represent Lake Havasu City and western Arizona beyond his current term.

Gosar told Today’s News-Herald in an email that he intends to run for re-election in Arizona’s newly created 9th Congressional District. Mohave and La Paz counties are already represented by Gosar in District 4 under the current congressional map.

“I am proud to announce that I will be running for re-election in the new District 9, which includes areas in Mohave County, La Paz County, Yuma County and Maricopa County that I have already represented for the last decade,” Gosar said. “There will be some new towns and faces added in and I am looking forward to meeting my new constituents.”

The six-term congressman announced his intentions to seek re-election in 2022 back in January this year. But with the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission finalizing new congressional maps on Wednesday Gosar’s constituency became split between District 9 and District 2 on the new maps.

“I have to express my sadness, however, in not having Yavapai County, Pinal County and Gila County in my new district,” Gosar said. “Over the last ten years I have made so many friends, and I had the pleasure of traveling from Florence to Chino Valley, Jerome to Apache Junction, and all points in-between. I will still visit and stop by as often as I can, and I will always be available to help with issues, talk, and work for all Arizonans.”

Gosar has visited Lake Havasu City several times in recent weeks, most recently hosting a fundraiser on the Dixie Belle in Havasu last weekend.

“I am looking forward to my reelection campaign in District 9 and continuing to fight to put Arizona and America First,” Gosar said.


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Boyd E. Spooner III

Article didn't mention where to contribute money for his campaign. His office I suppose?

Mohave Crone

Paul Gosar has never lived in CD#4, he has remained in Flagstaff this whole time. Are we to assume he will rent a room somewhere in the new district and call himself a resident? I want to be represented by someone who actually physically lives in the district. My wish list for a U.S. Rep would be a sane, qualified individual who actually lives in the district he/she represents.


I agree ‘46 I hope there will a Republican challenger in the primaries? However, if Paul is the candidate in November, he will get my vote albeit while holding my nose. This guy needs to go back to Prescott and fill tooth cavities again! [thumbdown][huh] Deaton

monica shapiro

Yes! Unlike the comments here, most of our district supports him and will be happy to have him run in the new district!

Havasu Guy

So, can you give us a little list of his accomplishments in serving his constituents here in Lake Havasu and Mohave County? And I'm not referring to his far-right white supremist rallies... Something that benefits ALL voters.


[thumbup]HavasuGuy..."Something that benefits ALL voters." Exactly!

Middle of The Road

The man needs to go, no matter what party you're in. Bad for Arizona!

Havasu Guy


Havasu Guy

Exactly what has he accomplished for his constituents?

Havasu Guy

Come on Republican Party, we have to find someone else to represent us, we can’t let this nightmare continue…

Middle of The Road


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