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Please follow these guidelines for quicker publication of your entries:
1. Keep your entry to 40 words or less.
2. Do not type in all caps. Use sentence format when typing.
3. Be sure to choose Orchid or Onion

If you are giving onions the name of the business or person receiving the onions will not be mentioned and their description may be changed to a more general description as well. Remember Orchids and Onions is a place to vent your frustration, not to attack a person or business.

Entries of a political nature will probably not get printed. Entries sent to deceased animals or loved ones will not get printed. Onion entries sent to either party of a domestic or civil matter that should or does involve the court system will not get printed and orchids to the same may be edited.Orchids and Onions given to the newspaper or any of it's employees or independent contractors (photographers and carriers, etc.) will not be printed. However, they will be forwarded to the employee / department they are in regards too. All entries are subject to the editor’s pen and may be different than you submitted at the time of publication.

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