With fishing season being in full swing, many anglers are headed to the area’s lakes and the Colorado River in search of striped bass or catfish.

There are several tried and true methods that anglers, whether fishing from the shore or from a boat, can use.

Probably the most common set up is called the modified Carolina rig. In this method a sliding weight is put on the line, and a bead is put underneath the weight. A brass swivel is then tied onto the line, and the leader of a snelled hook is ran through the bottom of the swivel. This method allows anglers to easily replace the hook should the fish swallow the hook and bait.

Another method that is popular with Mohave County anglers is the drop shott.

A hook is tied directly on the line and then a leader from 12-20 inches under the hook has a weight tied to it.

The last method involves just tying on a jig head that weighs from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce. Put the bait on the hook and toss it out.

The are other methods that anglers can use but these are the three main ones that you will see most local anglers use.

The most common bait used for stripers and catfish are anchovies.

Anglers have a number of ways they use these frozen baitfish, but my personal favorite is to cut up the anchovy into three pieces.

Others cut them in half, and folks on the Colorado River often used an entire anchovy. One thing I am adamant about when fishing with anchovies is to keep them in a bait box under wrapped dry ice. This keeps the bait frozen until ready to use.

Another good bait is nightcrawlers. These worms, as they are called, attract a plethora of game fish in Mohave County waters including stripers, channel cats, largemouth and smallmouth bass, carp and bluegills.

Some people use a whole crawler, but my favorite when fishing for stripers and catfish is to use what I call an “anchovy sandwich.” I put on a half of a nightcrawler on a 1/0 hook, then put one of the three pieces of anchovies I have cut up on the hook. Sometimes it matters and sometimes it doesn’t. Just depends on the mood of the fish.

Use these rigs and baits and I can almost assure you that you’ll be taking home stripers or catfish.

Using these methods and baits, my last three trips at South Cove have produced catches of 102, 117 and 107 fish.

Most have been stripers, but more and more channel cats are starting to show up as the water warms.


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