Roy Hawk, of Lake Havasu City, shows off a catch while competing in the Bass Pro Tour last year. Hawk was in the midst of his second season on the tour until the coronavirus outbreak interrupted the season.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, social distancing and staying away from crowds has become highly recommended in this uncertain time.

While almost all outdoor activities should be avoided, fishing is one which allows participants to keep a safe distance from others while also being able to enjoy the beauty of Lake Havasu in the springtime.

“You tend to forget about everything bad going on in the world and just get to enjoy God’s creation when you’re out there,” said Roy Hawk, Anderson Toyota Pro angler and Lake Havasu resident.

Hawk competes in the Bass Pro Tour, but after its third stage wrapped up on March 18, the tour was suspended and he has found himself with much more free time.

He says he plans to spend as much time as he can fishing in the meantime, noting that the launch ramps at Lake Havasu State Park remain open during this time.

“Lots of lakes and state parks from all over have shut down, but we’re real fortunate to still be able get out there,” he said. “Right now is the perfect time for fishing too.”

Hawk recommends the best place to find fish at this time would be near reed lines or “anywhere they can hide” in shallow waters. Polarized sunglasses can help anglers track down fish as well. He says as the weather warms up, more will venture out into the open water.

When the tour resumes, Hawk intends to rejoin it. He says the fourth stage of the tour has been postponed and it will pick up on the fifth stage in Grove, Oklahoma.

Aside from fishing as much as possible, Hawk also said he plans to use this free time to do more work around the house and spend time with family.

Just like the rest of us, Hawk is anxious to return to the routine of normal life, but knows what steps need to be taken to ensure safety. Spending time out on the lake and away from others can be the perfect escape for some during these unusual times.


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