Roy Hawk

Roy Hawk hoists up a fish during an event on the Bass Pro Tour this past season. Hawk completed his second full season as a professional this year.

Roy Hawk can’t get enough fishing in his life.

The professional angler who makes a living here in Lake Havasu City has a deep passion for fishing and feeds that passion as often as possible.

A native Carbondale, Illinois, Hawk moved to Salt Lake City when he was 5. While in Utah, Hawk traveled back and forth to Illinois to compete in fishing tournaments.

It was during this time when he eventually became more and more involved with it.

Hawk, who met his wife, Kristina eight years ago when he moved to Lake Havasu, became a full-time professional last year and competed on the Bassmaster Tour.

It was a successful start to his career as he finished second once, third once, five times in the top 10 and 10 times in the top 20. He also earned an appearance in the Bassmaster Classic, the tour’s season-ending championship.

However, in the inaugural season of Major League Fishing’s Bass Pro Tour this year, Hawk did not qualify for the championship meet.

Hawk, who is a father of four, admits he struggled.

“This year has just been a grind, I’ve been just below the cut a bunch of different times,” said Hawk about his season. “But I’ll tell you what; this has been the most fun I’ve had while fishing.”

The Bass Pro Tour is comprised of 80 of the world’s best anglers who from a variety of circuits and has a unique format where anglers can catch as much fish as they want, as opposed to the more standard style of anglers aiming for the five largest fish they can catch.

The style of competition on tour was a new and exciting way for Hawk to fish.

“I’ve always learned since I was 15 or 16 years old to catch the five biggest fish I can get,” said Hawk. “But this tour is unlimited. I’ve never fished that way in my life and it’s been a big learning curve.”

Despite the struggles of this season, Hawk has a never dying faith in the lord which helps him along the way.

“When times are tough that’s what keeps you going,” said Hawk who thanks his mother for instilling that belief in him.

Hawk already has thoughts about where and how he can improve himself and achieve better results next season.

“I just have to utilize my time better and increase my pace,” said Hawk. “Also just being more comfortable with the overall format will help. I can visualize how things will be because I’ve already done it.”

While some anglers stay away from fishing during the offseason, Hawk instead chooses to fish year round, often right here on Lake Havasu.

“Some guys focus on just the tour, but for some people that’s how they recharge and refocus. They’re full throttle just for those events,” said Hawk.

Hawk enjoys fishing on Lake Havasu for numerous reasons, including the different types of fishing he is able to do and the variety of fish he can catch.

“It’s the best training ground there is in the western United States,” said Hawk. “It’s so diverse in the layout of the lake. We got so many options, clear and dirty water, river current, grass and rocks.”

In addition to being on tour and fishing year round, Hawk also invests his time in several community events here in Havasu. One is the New Horizons Charity Bass Tournament, which is aimed at raising money for New Horizons Center, a nonprofit agency which helps those with disabilities here in Lake Havasu.

“It’s a real neat event and it’s one of the longest standing tournaments in the western United States,” said Hawk. “I’m on the board of directors with that and I enjoy trying to figure out ways to raise more money and get more sponsors.”

Another event Hawk takes pride in is Teach a Child to Fish Day, which is a free event focused on teaching children the basics of fishing.

“We’ve doubled our numbers from the first year to the second year and that comes from good sponsors,” said Hawk. “The kids get a free rod and reel, tackle, hands on help from volunteers and maybe they can even catch a fish.”

With the traveling that comes a part of being on tour, Hawk says he enjoys being in some of the new places to fish but also to spread the word of Lake Havasu.

“I love that when I’m on tour I can bring awareness to this great town and what we’re all about,” said Hawk.

While Hawk does earn money through competing on tour and in different events, he has numerous sponsors who help him along the way. His boat and gear don the decals and logos from his faithful sponsors. 

Some of his sponsors include Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Anderson Toyota, Taipan Rods, Pepper Custom Baits, Costa Shades, LifeSource Water Systems, Lowrance, Evinrude Motors and McCoy Rod Shields.

The chance to do what he enjoys most as a profession is not something Hawk ever forgets and he knows how fortunate he is.

“I love fishing. I appreciate the chance to do it for a living and it’s been a dream come true,” said Hawk. “I never take being out here for granted.”


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