Havasu has a lot of sketchy characters running around.

Trump said he was going to fix the drug problem. Nope.

Trump is a poor leader..

1.He lies about most things.

2.He has ruined this country by dividing Americans.

3. On the world stage Americans are a joke.

4. Tromp is a 3 time draft dodger and has said veterans are stupid.

Military leaders that have worked with tr…

I see so many people in Havasu receiving disability payments Flying the trump flag and launching their boats. Talk about fake.

Typical Havasu.

A person in this leadership position should be terminated. Performance plans at this level are pure non sense.

1. Above a 12th grade education. If you want to be a doctor, nurse, dentist CPA, engineer, etc. you need a higher level oh education. Havasu is the the lowest in the country.

Fact. Havasu has the lowest educated population in the country. Next time you go to the dentist tell him not to wear his mask and shield. He wears it to protect him or herself from you.

Can not believe people. Havasu is the least educated city in the US. It really shows by how they act during a pandemic that can kill people. Do you really think trump would mingle with this crowd. He would not let them near his golf club gates.

You are right on point.