Before any of you fools post here, be sure you have the proof bigboobie needs to understand your view point. He is not a critical thinker and needs to be spoon feed! He spent a lot of taxpayer money to be well educated at wordsmithing, but that is about all he knows. Another wasted expens…

They are in a public place behind a fence on the sidewalk. I believe in government saving lives from cigar smoking to abortion!

Clearly there needs to be a change in Washington. For starter, the squad needs to be rendered powerless. Then Biden needs to take a very long rest. Poor guy deserves one.

Great idea, we can complain about cigar smoking along the sidewalk at her cigar bar location.

If disagreeing with Joy or not so joy Reid makes me a racist, then I am a happy racist!

By the way, the term racist is so watered down, the use of the word no longer matters to me.

So call me a racist if you like BB.

Nope, just a casual observer! See is the racist!

Reid has changed her hair style to look less African to more America mainstream. She is still fighting for the little people, as long as they are black.

BIGBOB really likes all the free stuff Biden hands to his socialist friends. BB never worked a day in his life. He did drive a truck for a brief time. Now he is fat and too ill to do much at all.

Get the shot.