The D's are preparing to lose, get ready for their false flag attack

Don't believe the fake polls! No one wants that drooling pedophile Biden!

It's not too late to change your vote Lil' Bobby! Don't be on the wrong side of history...again...here comes the red wave!!


Masks are nothing but a show of fear and compliance.

Oh don't you worry your pretty little heads, we've the video and audio of the pedophile Bidens

Imagine a virus so deadly that the only way you know you have it is take a test.

Years of lack of physical fitness and nutrition education have led to rampant numerous pre existing conditions in todays youth. Or should we all dumb ourselves down to focus like todays medical field and focus on symptoms and not causes. Healthy people aren't profitable

23merkaba commented on Lillian Garton: Democrats changed

Modern Dems are Satanic Communists. The low minions (like Lil' Bobby) too stupid to understand the mission of their controllers

Brought to you by the same "scientists" that have convinced the zombies that CO2 is bad for plants and men can get pregnant