I find your statement completely filled with personal opinion, and without foundations. Not AlL Republicans will NEVER do what is best for the people, just as not ALL Democrats will forever do what is right for the people of the US. Please stop these unfounded, statements. Trump was not a…

hvnfun, just remember not all "trumpers" aka Republicans believed this. On both sides of the isle these days, there are extremists that have taken right an left to a whole new level, the rest of us are all stuck in the middle trying to maintain some civility.

Here's a bigger laugh, a 78 year old man, 50 years, and 3 tries to the White House is telling us that he will unify us, while the folks on here, just want to call names and divide us...makes me want to laugh!

alloveragain commented on Kandi Finfrock: Cancel culture

Kandi, as much as I appreciate your First Amendment rights, it's like the boy crying wolf, when you espouse your opinions constantly, they become overload, and irrelevant. The election was not stolen, democracy was never lost, it was proven today. I am not a Biden fan, at all, but today h…

I wish President Biden well. I only wish he doesn't go back to the Obama era , oops already is, 17 reversals. Has he no thought of his own? Can he wait one day to try and bring the country together? Everything old, just became old again. Good Luck, Joe! Get a brain.

alloveragain commented on Joanne Harstad: Keep it positive

Once again, Democracy never left...stop with the "Liberal BS".

alloveragain commented on S. Stievo: Losing our freedoms

Sure it is....when you only "cancelling" comments from the Right, and allow the Left to continue to spew hate, it's purely liberal BS!

Seriously, there is no "We the People", There are only "We the Politicians". They rest of us, all of us, have been left behind, and used a tools for them to line their pockets.

And the Democrats need to own theirs.....ownership from both parties would be a step forward.

Then why reside in our "sad, goofy and dumbest counties in the USA??"