bob b

What will you bet that she did not run on this issue in her campaign? This is a total waste of time and effort. If this is what she sees as being the most important issue facing our State, she shows no sign of real intelligence.

My dad. I read the story again and it was clear that the goal was $1M from all sources. Any shortfall would be paid by the State. That is a great thing for a Legislator to offer.

I support the idea! However, he says that he wants to meet that $1M threshold when other payouts are received. If an officer's family already gets $350,000 from the feds, and more from the State, wouldn't that lower the total cost to make that $1M dream, or did I miss something? Is the $1…

Do you see any of those Russian operatives in the room with you right now? What are they wearing? Did they call you an "Extremist Democrat Terrorist?" Quick! Go tell your mommy!

So, this will save the system 2.6 billion dollars over the next ten years, while costing 1.8 billion? This is chump change to the government. Why don't they tell us the real reason for this effort? This doesn't pass the smell test at all.

I have never heard anyone say that a wall is the ONLY way to control immigration at our southern border. But, I have heard several Presidents say that one of them is needed to control unwanted immigration. No one has ever claimed that boats, tunnels and aircraft would no longer be able to…

Finally, a way to hear the last about Hunter Biden! If he, and his late brother's widow are put to death, it will save a lot of wasted media attention.

I second that motion!

I can't believe that I am agreeing with you again, River, but Fillmore is a waste of time in our Legislature!

Rover is a one-trick pony.

Why didn't Schiff allow the Republicans to call Biden as a witness during the House charade? There were no factual witnesses in the whole hearing, thanks to the Dimocratic Party. There was no evidence presented. I am glad that you accept such little triumphs in your pathetic life.