So sad that he died. Wonder who else was there and why did he think it was safe to jump off a moving boat.... Family lost a love one and there is nothing funny about that.


now this is a very good statement, I also will agree if it affects a women's health. If its a health issue, its great, but when its not, i do not agree.... but good statement all in all...

Thank you very much for your support.

Im sorry but anyone that says anything about abortions is killing baby's. YOU SAID GUN OWNERS SHOULD GO THRU SAME THING THAT WOMEN DO TO GET ABORTION is the same thing as killing babies. abortion is killing babies we tax payers are paying for it. Tax payers dont pay for guns do they?

Auto's kill more people then anything else. Why are they not making this safer? What about bomb's? knife's, lets get real here. Someone that has the wanting to kill will do it no matter what. Saying someone legal with a right should only go to one place to buy is not a fix, just stupid...…

So I'm not understanding why they think American laws and freedom of movement is the same there as it is here. Different country's have different laws. Oversight?? oversight of another nations laws? Not understanding this reason. I agree that if they was acting the same as everyone that i…

I agree with you HavasuGuy, we need a change


Democratic debate is a clown show..... no real options just a lot of free money giving away. All are trying to get in by telling voters "I will give you free money"