Just another example of why we Independents will not be supporting any trumpers. In 4 years trump trained you not to trust the election system, unless he won, and not to believe any news. He told you why also, he tells you all news is fake you don't know what to believe. Biggest attack on…

I would like to meet those Republican friends, they are obviously not any of the trumpers who post on this site.

No matter how bad trump acts, how low he goes the new trump party will find support it. As a kid I never got away with doing something stupid by telling my parents someone else did it to. When will they stop making excuses for absolutely stunning stupidity.

I am grateful for trump, he has clearly showed the world that the republican party will support a lying, cheating, classless leader. A leader with zero empathy and who will attack anyone who disagrees with him, yep trump has exposed the party for what it really is, party first people way …

Johnson also pushed the giveaway's for the power plant which costs the County millions and with an estimated payback of over 20 years. Yep thanks

So I am curious, what will all your trumpers say if after all these recounts the count is either the same or trump may be down more votes? Will you then admit you were conned? Lied to? Led by the biggest loser in presidental history? Will you see the light?

Guessing not!

When sam was a councilman for a short period time he called the attorneys office a den of snakes for not agreeing with him, hmm, very trump like. He ran for council and tried to pass a spite fence ordinance for years, hmm against private property rights when he doesn't like what his neigh…

So if elections are corrupt, then trump got elected by a corrupt system? Hmmm

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Maybe if you questioned all the elections including those that trumpers won you would have more credence, otherwise your just supporting an extremely bad loser in his quest to further convince you everyone lies accept him and all news is fake accept what praises him, I am sure you don't s…

Yep will be drained in January, make America Honorable again!