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Saving ink on this one.

I am an old man! I worry about my adult children. At may age, maybe I should not vote.


No need to jump. The question remains.

Not spark from a spark plug, but the article is accurate.

Is it time to discuss safety on Lake Havasu?

Which craft was over taking the other boat? If you know.

If a day needs to be set aside for Storm and testing great. If an area need be set aside for racing only, maybe. The mix use we have now is one mistake away from disaster. Two of our council members are on the LHMA board! Maybe we need to reach out to them!

More rules in certain areas and less rules in other areas perhaps? Not certain it is about number of rules. Why was copper canyon closed, if you know?

Something needs to be done to make boating on lake Havasu safer. I don't have a fix, but it is clear that going to the lake on a summer weekend day is very risky. The local boating association is headed by some that would not benefit from limitations on the lake. Is it time for government…