JKershnerS commented on Seen in Havasu: A heavenly message

What a neat woman, spreading joy!!

WHAT are the other 4 bars that are allowed to open in LHC?

JKershnerS commented on Havasu nears 1,000 cases

Update for this week, please, Daisy!

JKershnerS commented on Tiny terrors: Mosquitoes in Arizona

Very well written with a bit of humor and intelligence!! Thank you!!

What is the timeline on the 2 additional phases -- even a "ballpark" would complete the reporting :)

When there are deaths in people over 80 in LHC from CV19, please tell us WHY to avert panic.

WHAT a great place to live; thank you to Dan Doyle and his men and women.

WOW; great article. Keep them coming!! We are so lucky to live in a town where people care for each other.

THAT is absolutely true; anyone paying attention??? Daisy??

JKershnerS commented on Three arrested after barroom brawl

It would be good to know what time of day this occurred! Also, what bar.