Joe Nobody

If 'we' don't turn a profit, just throw more money at it!

Worthless VP? What is she certifies Trump in 2024? Will you flip-flop on her?

Sad and strange. It seems that they deserve a do-over...

How many in that Taco Bell drive-thru line that's backed way up are refusing to get the vax? You know, I want to know what I'm putting into my body.

Hey Your, Are you one of the many people that actually got the vax as soon as you could, but still claim to not have? Why would someone openly say they're un-vaxxed?

I'm sure there are also people saying get it, but remain un-vaxxed

1502 - Personally, I'd rather look at revenue generating Storage Facilities!

Most of our winter residents of 'Camp Tightwad South and North' are boondocking for one reason and one reason only...

Joe Nobody commented on Covid-19: Oct. 7 update

Wendy, Don't make us wait...release the Covid-Kraken!

Joe Nobody commented on Covid-19: Oct. 7 update

Hey! Trump recently said to "get the vax"...how dare you disagree with your slurpee?

BTW - How many loud mothed anti-vax heroes got the vax? Most everyone that you watch on TV.

Matt 'I lost to Janet when AZ was red' Salmon? Hey Matty, claim there was massive voter fraud!