Ok. You’re still having trouble here. I think the question would be clearer if you took out the word “disagree.” Otherwise, “yes or no, do you agree or disagree” sounds awkward. How about something like, “Do you agree with the following statement…..”

Yes or no I agree or disagree? Well, I’d agree this question is awkwardly worded…

They’ll offer to plant some trees or bushes in front, wave Some money at the city, and suddenly it will be a “positive development and much-needed service.’ This city doesn’t say ‘no’ very often—they just say ‘no’ until they’re sure they’ve gotten as much $$ as they can- no how matter how…

We pay this man to be a professional. If he has time for nonsense like this,clearly,he’s not working hard enough to better the lives of his constituents. In the immortal words of my mother, “ Do you need something to do? Because I can FiND something for you to do.” This is the United Stat…

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That’s what I thought. I remember the drive-in being ‘way out of town’, lol. Used to have a boss who loved the Vanilla Coke at Mundell’s-he used to make us go get them for him constantly. It was a great place.

[thumbup] yep. Maybe they should add “I enjoy attending superspreader events” as an option.


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Was Mundell’s ever a drive in movie? In my memory, it was just a drive-in—more like an a&w. Havasu was a great little town. Nothing like it is now.

[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Thanks for citing the additional source material. Allen is definitely biased, and shouldn’t be anyone’s sole source of information.

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Thanks, Davel3. Last year, cases really started to surge again in early to mid-November, Hopefully, at least a few more people will re-consider their choices before then.