Proudindependent commented on Mollie Casson: Opposing vouchers

When my taxes are used in a public school i can go to the school board meetings and listen and voice my opinion. When my taxes go to a charter school i have no such voice. When my taxes are used to build a public school the building is held to a higher standard than a charter school is he…

Just like trump supporters , those who support the church and do not demand it do better allowed it to continue to hide its abuse. Don't sit quietly by and continue to contribute because you are contributing to the problem.

Just another tax that effects lower income people much greater.

To bad , he is a great guy who definitely had a passion to grow the campus.

Dumbest comparison I have ever seen, 1 is people showing up to watch an event, no organization, no invite, no agenda. The other a political event, invites, an agenda. Geez can this paper dip any lower to support conservatives? Maybe change the name to faux news source.

Proudindependent commented on Man arrested on DUI in restaurant drive-thru

Word to those who like to have a few, do not go to a drive thru after having a few. This is the 4th incident I know of that is related to DUI and fast food drive thru's.

I am sure lot of folks will not like this message. But that's ok. Hate away.

Proudindependent commented on Robert Abbitt: Fib checks

Trumpers sure hate facts! They should start a group, Christians for cheating on your wife, molesting random women and lying incesstantly! oh yea they already have the party of trump.

Oh no, no trumper comments? of course not they hate the facts, still wondering how they benefit for corporate handouts? Kinda like the business park, whats our return on the $6 million investment? Not just 20 jobs ,, lowes and home depot have that many jobs x probably 6 or more.

Love the illegal comment, true trumper, $30 billion dollar wall that so far has been cut with a $100 saw from any hardware store, been gone over with cheap ladders, and has blown over. Yea smart move.

I challenge all your trumpers to do a very simple math exercise. They usually teach it in junior high so you should be ok. Take the Obama economy, graph it out for his last 4 years of his term, heck do it for all 8 if it makes ya feel better, then compare it to where we are now. Will look…