Hmm doesn't Trump, her exalted leader, attack anyone with a different opinion? And for the record we are a nation of all religions and the not religious folks. That is what makes us a great nation.

Proudindependent commented on Ann Coulter: What the El Paso shooter learned

No he is commenting on all those who defend Trumps hateful and divisive language! If you don't call out Trump for his behavior than your complicit in the results.

Proudindependent commented on Brenda Chandler: Pond idea is all wet

not if they make pond deep enough, just don't put it in Rotary park and ruin the great public areas.

To all of you who oppose abortion and birth control, please push for laws that guarantee once the baby is born that it will have adequate housing, food and education. Until then let a woman choose what she does with her body and what life she is willing to take care of and provide for.

So the question is why did the previous city manage and mayor invest over $6 million of tax payer money when this agreement wasn't in place? The developer did not have the funding to complete the improvements? Why oh why, just another waste of city funds like the business park the previou…

Great idea, every school yard should be a park, they also need to establish a better funding mechanism for parks.

Biggest conman in the history of Havasu, stole millions, about time the crook faces the judge and jury.

Who cares, geez buster has been fighting against his own constituents in Donkey Acres for years, turned off his water to his property up there so he doesn't have to contribute to the district and sits back and watches the system fail and offers no help. But he did spend $10 million on dra…

Geez, what a bunch of whining over nothing. As far as the collusion go the record does show Trump lied about his hotel project in Russia while running for president, that his son did meet in Trump Tower to attempt to obtain information which he then lied about until caught, that Trump dir…

This is a private development that the previous city leader got sucked into spending tax payer's dollars on. The developer has failed not the city, the city should have never been involved accept to approve the permits. Just another waste of city resources by the previous city administrat…