Sandan commented on Kandi Finfrock: Erroneous data

"Planting" is the keyword by this chair rover. It doesn't matter the charges, you are still innocent until proven guilty. Two attempts, two failures (what's the word...acquitted).

Get a grip. Your analogy is suspect at best. Get out in the the street with your "release with no cash …

So what your saying is...it couldn't be from the 24 percent in Mohave County or the illegals. All the law abiding citizens are at it again, according to the "Czar of the Herald". California has what, 10 million+ in fraudulent claims, dang all those red voters...you're keeping Bob up at night.

He's still trying to find "the football" they hid from him. He doesn't give that many speeches because they told him it was an Easter egg hunt...thus, the only trips he takes is out on the lawn.

Good luck finding that vaccine in California. In Arizona it's called the MVD not the DMV (just another blue-flake ooopsie).

So that would of made him about 18 years old. The fact is he spews so much that most are not going to be sensitive because nothing is credible. Joe gave his speech on those lost and he lost it. We've all lost loved ones, be strong and move on. Wishing death on others that are still alive,…

I'm guessing you supported Hillary when she said and did what she did. Maybe you should ask yourself why?

Sandan commented on Norma Lembach: Right or wrong?

Norma, not even sure if I can take any of your writing seriously. I watched it live (for many hours and days during the summer) as "peaceful protestors" destroyed a downtown area. A multimillion redevelopment section that were looted and burned. I watched lots of BLM signs, I watched a lo…

The only "one" that can change the name is the owner of the vessel. Unless you're referring to it's new parking spot and political implications with the current name.

Pelosi is like Cuomo and Newsome trying to push a huge boulder uphill with the "media" push and deflect it...on top of someone else. Eventually it's gonna roll back down hill.

Beebee "KC", your copy and paste skills are awesome. Rough night night I'm sure with JaJaJoe being so emoti…

I'm with you mempepk. First thing I thought about when I read it. Put "Dixie Belle" back in the water, it's been a while.