Mohave County also has a highest population of elderly folks. Curious how that fits into your equation. How many of the elderly were "Patriots"? You know you're being a gas-bag, and you still do it. You should be ashamed, that's if you had any self-worth.

Sandan commented on Kris Elbert: Alternative facts

Did you find the Sheriff's Station yet?

Brown Eye, you really need to become more familiar with your city. Obviously, you've never seen the Sheriff's Station in Havasu. Although it's too old and outdated to house those arrested...that's the need for a new sub-station. Not uncommon for Sheriffs, PD or AZ State Troopers working i…

I missed it but nice Simon on the "catch and release", "Evicted Bobber" doesn't just take the bait, he swallows it whole.

1502, if you keep moving those rocks around in your head they might turn into marbles. Then you'll just have marbles in your head. Go lick your chain link fence...after you hook-up the car battery to it. "Evicted Bobber" has quite the imagination.

No, that's her voice telling you to get out. You know the mortgage holder/property owner told you to get out. And that's been bouncing around in your head (scary)...probably like rounds going off at a metal scrapyard.

It's not a voice. It's fact. How did that high-heel feel when you got the up-kick? But then again, if you were fiscally responsible, her high-heel would have actually hit some balls. It didn't, but your belongings hit the pavement.

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"Evicted Bobber", I'm just stating the facts. Sorry I didn't respond right away. I was with Family and Friends, and didn't make time for your personalities. Stick to the facts "Evicted Bobber", I'm not obsessed with you, I'm just sympathetic to your need for low-cost entertainment. And yo…

D3, so what you're saying is you don't believe in the Constitution or the laws protecting the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens. Does that sum it up for us?

Yes, Too Old. Mostly because neither personality knows the difference between $200 and $200k. I think it's hilarious. I gotta give "Evicted Bobber" credit though, he backed his dumb personality 1502....which is just a reflection on himself. So sad, I hope those funds come for the mental h…