Yes! It has been stated before (2015) and still falls on deaf ears!

Our View: Lake Havasu City needs to rethink sidewalks, curbs

November 1st 2015

Taking a walk in Lake Havasu City? Do so at your own risk. Our neighborhoods are mostly devoid of sidewalks and curbs, forci…

CURBS, the magic word! The city continues to spend a fortune on heavy equipment to clean-up residential streets and now maybe add a contractor to this folly to aid in the redistribution of front yard rock and debris to the city roadsides instead of putting CURBS in to control water flow. …

Cut the suspense why NO! and for what several reasons? You do not live on a hill? you already have a curb? Please! . . . splain.

A people person, look at that smirk on his face in that picture the Herald uses, trash it! The study in all probability was not his idea, you must have a working knowledge of your job to come up with something meaningful. Let us hope we see the results no matter how biased the data may be.

shutthefrontdoor commented on Rocky roads follow Havasu's Sunday deluge

One of the "magic" words the city fathers dread hearing . . . . . CURBS!

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I shall fess-up when ya'll tell me who shot Roger Rabbit, Liberty Valance or JFK!

Gol-ly! Surprise-surprise-surprise! You mean ya doesn't nead a I.Q. ta git da shot?

C'mon guys, stop being so critical, let us take a good look at Suddenlink's improvements, upgrades, tweaks, revamps, enhancements and progress. Close your eyes . . . . what do you see?[beam]

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pitypudd! January 6th? Are you agreeing with that "Small Hands" boot licker, Andy-boy Clyde, the gun dealer, (R-Ga.) congressman who stood by his comments comparing the riot that overtook the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 to what happens during a “normal tourist visit.”???? If so, there is no fu…

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You can say that again![beam]