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Vasectomies have killed exactly zero people...ever. Child birth claims 700 mothers per year in this country. Get to Snippin!

Dog, sure it would, and I would have no problem mandating it there or in the suburbs and gated communities. Lots of nefarious stuff going on there.


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2 Old, It's perfectly reasonable to hold a public position that is opposite your private one. I personally don't believe in abortion but I would never presume to tell someone that they must carry a pregnancy to full term, height of arrogance if you ask me. Most likely this is a concept he…

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You know what I can't stand more than tfg? His supporters.

Slumdog, My solution "fixes" the abortion argument in its tracks. Why shouldn't males be snipped at 12? Simple procedure, super safe, much safer than having a child and is easily reversible. With some minor exceptions of course (permission from spouse, job, home, education, permission fro…

dim, And by rehab you mean vote them out!?

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Slumdog! Biden gets behind the wheel of the new Ford Lightning EV and did 4.4 seconds in the 0-60 test, beating the Ford Raptor.

I do find it interesting that we can legislate medical procedures on women but we don't on men. Shouldn't we really "fix" the situation? All males aged 12 must be snipped with a perfectly reversible procedure upon the following: Permission from wife, owns a home, a car, has a college degr…