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So I shouldn't be flying my F&*K Trump flag?

Starting to look like hobo camps north and south of Havasu already. All those RVs and campsites won't be too happy about having to look at storage buildings over the winter.

Old, wake up from your trump slumber and look around at what he did and is doing to us. He just told you that you will not vote until his election is fixed. Sound like a democracy to you? One man should NEVER have that kind of influence it never turns out well.

The QOP tried to censure Romney, Murkowski, Cheney and Kitzinger. And Arizonan's, not only Dems agree with Biden's plan. Remember, there are more independents and Dems in AZ than the QOP.



Yep. I heard it asked, Which tribes would get the money?" and, "There's no way we could possibly figure it out...". That seems easy, give the land back and let them decide. It wouldn't be our business...because freedoom.

Well, that's too bad isn't it? The federal government can mandate safety measures on airlines and government facilities. But you can still travel on airlines, you have to give them ID to fly but you are not crying about that. You must submit to a search, you aren't crying about that. You …

YOUR Companies under 100 employees are not effected. I agree if the admin is going to require testing we should assist with that and yes, pay for it. Other industries may cross state lines and the federal government has the responsibility to make it as safe as possible.

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The Proud Boys showed up to a school board meeting in NC. They were there for one reason and one only...to intimidate. They shouted at kids and parents racial and homophobic slurs. How long do you think this remains without violence? Its coming and will start in a school board meeting if …

The problem is we are in the boat with the shark.

AZBEAN, because we are in the same boat and you and yours are actively trying to sink it. How immature and childish that you think you only effect yourself. Doesn't work that way sparky. Try serving in a fire team for a tour or two.