Vince Gors

Well, if there is anything Positive about this Joke of an Election, it is Now we can sit back and see how these "Clowns" are going to do IT. They had all the answers for Months = Have at It. Just be prepared for the Criticism it is coming.

havasugay. You libtards ALWAYS take the Cheap Easy Phony = "RACIST" Get A Life. oblama IS a True Racist. Go back and read all of his speeches, and all you Munions kept following him like Army Ants. GROSS!!

Just look at this Horrid looking excuse for a Man. he is a disgraceful display for the United States to present as their President.

Donald J. Trump just says "Presidential" in every way. No Country would dare attempt to "WALK" all over us as in the oblama days.

The Man is a Wi…


You can't make this up!! The only one on the Planet who Believes this Disgrace did even one Positive thing for anyone other than for himself and his Husband.[thumbdown]

Do you mean like oblama's actions before and during President Trump's term in Office? The Four years of doing Nothing to help the Country and hurt the President. Hey!! I suffered for 8 Years of that Elephant Ears and enjoyed the 4 years of finally seeing light at the end Of The Tunnel. I …

Who is going to pay for the "Remote" White House" in boyden's basement? oblama is boyden's Idol.[sad]

dawn, isn't it difficult to post when you are Knitting and Rocking in your Chair?

Does the Medical Field have a Name for the Sickness you have of needing to take a Dozen Paragraphs to explain onother of your Wacko Theory's?